Special Mention to CATCHING HAIDER at DOK.fest Munich

Catching Haider, Natalie Borgers’ new documentary on Joerg Haider’s Carinthia, earns a Special Mention at the German speaking documentary competition at the DOK.fest Munich

The jury statement:
Perhaps the most discussed film by the jury: in FANG DEN HAIDER, director Nathalie Borgers takes us on an investigative journey through Haider’s Carinthia. This film about insider relationships and mythmaking releases us from an enriching, albeit disturbing state of bewilderment.

Jury DOK. deutsch
Georg Bütler, senior programmer Zurich Film Festival 
Sebastian Höglinger, co-director Diagonale, Graz 
Rüdiger Suchsland, journalist & filmcritic, director, Berli

Catching Haider (Fang den Haider)
directed by Natalie Borgers (kurt mayer film (A), filmproduktion (D))

How can it be that, despite the corruption scandals he has been associated with, Jörg Haider is portrayed as a hero after his accidental death? Nathalie Borgers goes to investigate in Carinthia. Her discoveries range from the comically bizarre to the strangely vexing.