US theatrical premiere of DREAMS REWIRED

The ingeniously assembled found footage essay by Manu Luksch, Martin Reinhart and Thomas Tode starts out for its theatrical US tour including screenings in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle ... The North America release of Dreams Rewired comes along with enthusiastic reviews by US journalists.

Dreams Rewired is a marvellous essay film by Austrian and German directors Martin Reinhart, Thomas Tode and Manu Luksch that rewinds a hundred plus years to show, among other things, how our current communications mania isn’t so new.
The Guardian

A time-warped essay film recontextualizing dusty old technologies as the Miracle of Now, Dreams Rewired reminds us both that our current preoccupations with fitting tech into our lives are nothing new and that something strange and game-changing certainly awaits us right around the corner.
The Hollywood Reporter

In brilliant archival footage, Dreams Rewired shows us becoming ourselves
Village Voice

Dreams Rewired is a lively, visually enthralling attempt to gaze into the future by remembering the past.
New York Times