Views from the world premieres in Venice and Toronto

Life Guidance by Ruth Mader and Mademoiselle Paradis by Barbara Albert celebrated their world premiere on September 8, one in Toronto, the other one in Venice. Read what the critics said.

The Hollywood Reporter  wrote on Life Guidance by Ruth Mader
Through its intentionally stiff acting – Katharina Lorenz especially is stone-faced perfection – its precision camera work and ist booming score, this cautionary tale does exude a troubling air throughout. One only needs to turn on the news these days to understand that, for the Western world, trouble is probably not far off the future.
Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter
Screen International on Mademoiselle Paradis by Barbara Albert
... an exquisitely crafted period drama
Mademoiselle Paradis illustrates a rich selection if themes from the class divide of the period to the treatment of the afflicted and the plight of Maria as a young woman given no say in her own future.
Costume designer Veronika Albert deserves special mention for the fabrics and finery  ....
The vibrant wall coverings, furniture and elaborate state rooms similarily contribute to the sense of an age in which the rich thrived and the poor were expandable.
A superb performance from Maria Dragus pulls Maria from the pages of history making her alive and emotional, vulnerable to every harsh word and casual insult.

Allan Hunter, Screen Dayly