Hong Kong Firebird Award goes to MACONDO


Sudabeh Mortezai’s feature debut convinced the jury of the  Hong Kong Young Cinema Competition for „its simplicitiy and humanity...“. MACONDO wins the Firebird Award, endowed with USD 3000,-.


Young Cinema Competition Hong Kong International Film Festival
Jury’s comment: The film’s simplicity and humanity show great sensitivity to universal human problems. In this story of a Chechen émigré family seeking asylum in Vienna, viewers can find a mature understanding of growing up amid political upheaval in the modern world. Young Ramasan Minkailov gives an extraordinary performance as a sensitive boy who must take on adult responsibilities and accept the fact of his father’s death.

directed by Sudabeh Mortezai (FreibeuterFilm)
International sales: Films Boutique

A story of growing up between cultures. A coming-of-age story on identity, belonging and self-determination, close to harsh reality and in close contact with the amateur actors.

with: Ramasan Minkailov, Kheda Gazieva, Aslan Elbiev