MORE THAN HONEY wins LOLA for Best Documentary


The Swiss-Austrian-German co-production MORE THAN HONEY by Markus Imhoof was awarded the Deutscher Filmpreis for Best Documentary. The alarming documentary on the widespread disappearance of honey bees was coproduced by Vienna based Allegro film, zero one film (Germany) and Thelma Film (Switzerland).

Earlier this year, MORE THAN HONEY was also awarded the Schweizer Filmpreis for Best Documentary, at Swiss box office the film scored more than 220.000 which made it the most successful documentary ever released in Switzerland.

MORE THAN HONEY sold 47.000 tickets in Austria, 158.000 in Germany and more than 110.000 in France.

MORE THAN HONEY by Markus Imhoof
Thelma Film (CH),  Allegro film (A), zero one film (D)

Millions and millions of bees have disappeared worldwide. Seemingly unmotivated, without any prior symptoms of illness or infection they have disappeared from a hive saturated with honey - never to reappear at any other place, but also without leaving any dead bodies behind. Despite intensive research science has not managed to come up with an explanation. Is this just a momentary fluke or are we facing the early stages of total system collapse?


Written by: Markus Imhoof

Cinematography: Attila Boa, Jörg Jeshel

Editing: Anne Fabini


International sales: Films Boutique