MY BLIND HEART awarded at Durban


Peter Brunner’s MY BLIND HEART wins AWARD FOR ARTISTIC BRAVERY at the DURBAN International Film Festival.

The jury statement:
An inspired and disturbing cinematic journey that explores the defiance against the limits of one’s own body and the existential questions about our bodies and our sense of ourselves and each other, stated the jury.

directed by Peter Brunner (Cataract Vision)

After Kurt, who suffers from the rare Marfan syndrome and is almost blind, has killed his clinging mother, he goes on a journey where the boundaries between perpetrator and victim are blurred. Haunted by her calls, Kurt leaves the clients and nurses of a care home distressed. In the streets Kurt meets Conny, a 13-year-old runaway from a broken home. She readily participates in Kurt’s protest against his body, not knowing what moves him or into which abyss his journey is leading. How much guilt can one individual endure?

with: Christos Haas, Susanne Lothar, Jana McKinnon