NYON 2013: OMSCH wins Buyens-Chagoll Prize


Edgar Honetschläger’s witty dialogue with his 100-year-old neighbour conquered the festival audience and the jury members: OMSCH, one of the 19 entries to the Visions du réel main competition was awarded the Buyens-Chagoll Prize.

The Jury has been touched by this film due to its joyful life affirming statement, that manages to become a fascinating work of art, nuanced with humour and complicity. Thus the film suceeds in moving beyond the limitations forced on us by the dominant speech.

Buyens-Chagoll Prize is given to a film of a humanist dimension focusing on stories developing values that confer meaning to the future of mankind

OMSCH by Edgar Honetschläger (Edoko Institute Film Production, Kulturverein Frankly Speaking)
supported by: bm:ukk, bmask, Stadt Wien Kultur, Land Oberösterreich

‘If you drink this juice you’ll make it to a hundred’ says the young man to his old neighbor, who replies: ‘I made it to a hundred without this juice, didn’t I?’ Humor and wit form the basis to a friendship that bridges a huge age-difference and allows the centenarian to resume: ‘For me the best part of life is being old’.