Outstanding Actresses Awarded at Schwerin

Alice Dwyer (Ma Folie) and Jana McKinnon (Beautiful Girl) are the winners of the acting awards given away at the Schwerin filmkunstfest

Best Perfomance to Alice Dwyer

for playing Hanna in Andria Mracnikar’s feature debut Ma Folie

The jury claims that Alice Dwyer  has «successfully used her chance to go on an emotional journey from love, happiness, and hope to loss, disappointment and confusion. The captivity of self-doubt, paranoia and fear, which Alice’s character Hanna finds herself in at the end of the movie, has become our own. (…) A grand performance.»
Ma Folie by Andria Mracnikar (Extrafilm, Witcraft Szenario)
Hanna loves Yann and the ‘lettres filmées’ he sends her. Yann loves Hanna but mistrusts her. He leaves her but does not leave her alone. His ‘lettres filmées’ become a threat and Hanna does not know whom she can trust and whether she can still trust herself. Ma Folie starts as an ‘amour fou’ but step-by-step turns out to be a psychological thriller dealing with different ways of perception, trust and mistrust, imagination and delusion.

Most Promising Actress – Jana McKinnon

for playing Charlotte in Dominik Hartl’s debut Beautiful Girl
Beautiful Girl by Dominik Hartl (Allegro Film)
When her parents separate, 15-year-old Charlotte has her first taste of how painful love can be. But then she meets two boys – Sulzer and Carlo – who are also best friends and she soon discovers that love can be pretty chaotic and crazy at times.

© photos: FilmLand MV/Kisorsy