Two awards at the Munich DOKfest

I'm a Bad Guy by Susanne Freund is the winner of the VIKTOR DOK.deutsch, for the best German-language documentary. A film, as the jury stated, „that allows us to look into an abyss that could be our own“. The highly topical Sand and Blood by Matthias Krepp & Angelika Spangel bagged the Megaherz Student Award.

VIKTOR DOK.deutsch to I’M A BAD GUY by Susanne Freund
The jury statement of the VIKTOR.DOK Award: We award the prize to THE film that we find it difficult to escape from and that occasionally disturbs us. It allows us to look into an abyss that could be our own. At the same time it poses qustions of guilt and atonement, of the definition of normality, crime and justice. The story of the 80-year-old from Vienna, Adolf Schandl, who is released after 40 years in prison, confronts us with the concepts of ageing and lonliness too, and asks: what are we left with in the end?“
Megaherz Student Award: SAND AND BLOOD by Matthias Krepp & Angelika Spangel
The jury statement of the Megaherz Student Award: This year’s winner of the Student Award portrays a topical story, marked by violence of a conflict zone. In it we hear and see one thing above all: chaos and unpredictability. Thouroughly researched, this film pieces together sequences of events from the point of view of people who have fled to Europe in recent years and now live here with us. In doing so, the filmmakers demonstrate great intimacy with their protagonists and handle their material in a persuasive and particularly sensitive man.