JESSICA HAUSNER: Jury president at Locarno 77

Austrian filmmaker Jessica Hausner will be the president of the Golden Leopard-jury at the 77th Locarno Film Festival (August 7 to 17, 2024).

Locarno artistic director Giona Nazarro states:
A vital and restless filmmaker, Jessica Hausner has created a diverse body of work reflecting the most hidden aspects of contemporary society with extraordinary depth. With clarity, steadfastness, and impeccable progression, she has imagined both spiritual and fantastical worlds that reflect the cogent richness of a complex and contradictory human experience.

To have Jessica Hausner as jury president of the Locarno Film Festival's Concorso Internazionale is an extraordinary honor and a guarantee that the films will be discussed by a jury led by one of the most extraordinary filmmakers working today.

Jessica Hausner is the director of
CLUB ZERO (2023), LITTLE JOE (2019), AMOUR FOU (2014), LOURDES (2009), HOTEL (2004), LOVELY RITA (2001)