JOYful Venice Days

Sudabeh Mortezai’s second feature Joy takes two of the major awards given away within the Giornate degli autori sidebar. Joy is the first winner of the newly launched Hearst Award for Best Film by a female director, endowed with € 10.000,- and also received the Europa Cinemas Label, a prize initiated to support the theatrical release and the visibility of the winning film throughout Europe.

The jury statement  Europa Cinemas Label:
«JOY is an exceptionally well researched and moving film about sex trafficking – a plague affecting all of Europe. The film has a documentary feel to it, and its authenticity and credibility shine through. We get a strong sense of Joy's everyday life, her struggles and her dignity among the complex power dynamics of her life in a universe parallel to our own. This film will spark debate wherever it is seen, and we are delighted that the Europa Cinemas Label prize will help encourage its distribution around Europe.»

The Jury:
Klara Bogusławska (Kinoteka Multiplex, Warsaw, Poland)
Mathieu Guetta (Director, Majestic Bastille, Paris, France);
Ezio Leoni (Manager, Il Lux, Padua, Italy)
Christine Müh (Managing Director, Kommunales Kino, Pforzheim, Germany).

Jury statement – Hearst Award
«There are immigrants that even the racists have no problem putting up with: they are women like Joy, child prostitutes reduced to slavery. It's going on today, in Austria, with its right-wing government. But it's no different from what's happening in Italy here and now. Joy begs us to not turn away from this reality.»
The jury that assigned the award, made up of the editors of the magazines in the Hearst Group involved:
Francesca Delogu, Cosmopolitan;
Elena Mantaut, Elle;
Monica Mosca, Gente;
Maria Elena Viola, Gioia!;
Antonella Bussi, Marie Claire;
Giampietro Baudo and Timothy Small, esquire/