LOCARNO 2020 with contributions linked to the future and past of the festival

The 73rd Locarno FF (August 5 to 15), designed to “gather films and viewers in the great digital Piazza and in local theaters” has included two Austrian contributions to its 2020 hybrid festival program: Mo Harawe’s short Life in the Horn as a contender in the international Pardi di domani competition, Michael Haneke’s The Seventh Continent as a landmark in the Journey through the Festival’s History selection.


For over a decade, toxic waste has been dumped illegally on the coastline of Somalia. The earthquake and tsunami in 2004 damaged the toxic containers and spilled waste, which caused the spread of diseases. Many people left their villages but some stayed and lived with the consequences.

written and directed by Mo Harawe
Cinematography by Mo Harawe
Editing by Alexander von Piechowski

produced by Mo Harawe, Alexander von Piechowski, Deko Adano Ali

25 min, b/w, 2020
Austria, Somalia, Germany