Fantastic Fest 2021:  Franz Rogowski awarded Best Actor

The most renowned US genre film festival in Austin/Texas, the Fantastic Fest (Sept 23 to 30) has bestowed the Best Actor Award on Franz Rogowski for his outstanding performances in two competition entries: LUZIFER by Peter Brunner and FREAKS OUT by Gabriele Mainetti. In LUZIFER Rogowski plays a young man, barely mastering the spoken word, who lives in the mountains tightly tied to his mother and in a very close relationship to nature.

Peter Brunner in our interview on LUZIFER about the work of Franz Rogowski:
Franz worked for over a year with the birds of prey, chopping down trees with an axe and climbing rock faces. Johannes, the character that Franz plays, is a child in the body of a man. Like the main protagonists in To the Night and My Blind Heart, Johannes in Luzifer is an extremely sensitive man who doesn’t correspond to masculine role models. He doesn’t fit in there. He is the last and the first who speaks his language, someone who is extinct while still alive, a contradiction. Franz Rogowski accepted an enormous risk with wild animals, non-professional actors and my specific intention of working while exposed to nature; he threw himself into it and lived for the story and for our aims.