Duisburger Filmwoche honors Lisa Weber with Young Talent Award

Lisa Weber, director of the Berlinale Panorma entry RUNNING ON EMPTY garners the Carte Blanche – Young Talent Award of the State NRW, that comes with a prize money of € 5,000 and the possibility of developing the next project with the mentorship of an experienced filmmaker. The film impressively succeeds in depicting the statics of social dynamics, pointed out the Duisburger Filmwoche jury intending to encourage the filmmaker to continue on the path she’s taken.

The full jury statement:
"There can be miracles" is the name of the song that appears several times like a leitmotif in Lisa Weber's film. However, the miracles do not exist for everyone. The protagonist Claudia's favorite song stands in contrast to the hopelessness of her life circumstances.
In her milieu study, director Lisa Weber observes over three years the young mother, her little son, the grandmother and the unemployed brother, who eke out an existence amidst plastic toys, screens and a few pets in a smoke-filled apartment on the outskirts of Vienna. Consume and be consumed. The director asks from behind the camera whether Claudia has made any progress in finding an apprenticeship. In the beginning still enthusiastic and hopeful, later she doesn't dare to ask anymore. The disillusionment can be felt in the film. Relentlessly, because it is close to the everyday life of the protagonists and yet caring, the film generates compassion instead of pity and does not expose the family. Nevertheless, we can sense the paralyzing lethargy of a painful social reality, in which time passes by without a trace – only the birthday parties mark how the years go by.  The film impressively succeeds in depicting the statics of social dynamics.“There are no miracles”.

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