THE DEVIL'S BATH @Berlinale: Reviews

This is a gripping psychological study by directors operating with formidable command.

a bleak but riveting drama about a little-known piece of history.
The Hollywood Reporter

Plaschg imbues the quiet Agnes with a riveting interiority in an exceptional performance
relentless, impressively savage

Plaschg is a magnetic presence

There are few films, contemporary or otherwise, that capture so unflinchingly the distorting, debilitating symptoms of depression as a disease.

highly atmospheric
The Film Verdict

The Devil’s Bath is a movie that will stick with the viewer for a while.

The sheer extent of female history is still a blank, a century-long erased trauma, and The Devil’s Bath intends to shine a light on one meaningful fraction of it.

a darkly resounding cry of lamentation that Franz and Fiala unleash on the screen in their third feature-length film, deeply felt and artfully staged.
Die Presse

a striking portrait of a child murderer

With their unsettling drama
The Devil's Bath, they set a new narrative direction.