Trieste Méliès d'argent to THE TROUBLE WITH BEING BORN

Sandra Wollner's directorial debut, recently also awarded the Special Jury Prize by the jury of the Vienna Film Prize 2020, has scored its fifth international recognition by winning the Méliès d'Argent at the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival.

The Jury, having thoroughly enjoyed all the movies in competition, have decided to award the Méliès d’Argent to Sandra Wollner’s The Trouble With Being Born:

A poetic and controversial movie, taking the cue from a science fiction theme which soon oversteps the boundaries of the genre to decisively land in the territory of auteur cinema. A complex, evocative work, raising questions about loneliness and, more than anything, love in all its aspects (even the more twisted), creating a simultaneously spellbinding and disturbing rhythm and atmosphere.