Ulli Gladik
Inland accompanies three right-wing party voters before and after the Austrian national parliamentary election in 2017: A waitress, an unemployed and a public servant.The film gives intimate insight into their lives and narratives by doing what is often frowned upon: speaking to the “haters”. It offers them space to tell their stories, but also confronts them with facts that oppose their worldview and thereby reveals that anti-migrant-emotions are often just an outlet for deeper worries and fears that have economic or social origins. Inland is a confrontation between two different worldviews, an illustration of how populism and politics of emotion work, but it is also a call to seek encounters with those who might say things that you don’t want to hear.
Technical Data
Running time: 94
Format: digital
Screen ratio: 16:9
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2019
Director(s): Ulli Gladik
Writer(s): Ulli Gladik
Cinematographer(s): Judith Benedikt, Elke Groen, Ulli Gladik
Producer: Ulli Gladik
March 21, 2019
Graz (Diagonale)
Production company
Mag. art. Ulrike Gladik Filmproduktion
Denisgasse 33/10
1200 Vienna
tel:+43 650 5034340