Production Companies

KGP Filmproduktion GmbH
Typ Titel Jahr
Documentary Our Time Will Come 2024
Documentary Last of the Wild 2024
Fiction Another Coin for the Merry-Go-Round 2021
Fiction Moneyboys 2021
Documentary Epicentro 2020
Fiction Life Guidance 2017
Fiction Home Is Here 2016
Fiction Lou Andreas-Salomé 2016
Documentary Voices From Chernobyl 2016
Fiction Maikäfer flieg 2016
Fiction Bad Luck 2015
Documentary We Come As Friends 2014
Documentary Kick Out Your Boss 2014
Documentary Und in der Mitte, da sind wir 2014
Fiction Shirley – Visions of Reality 2013
Fiction Museum Hours 2012
Documentary Griffen. Auf den Spuren von Peter Handke 2012
Documentary What Is Love 2012
Documentary Muezzin 2009
Fiction Universalove 2008
Fiction Weiße Lilien 2007
Documentary Kurz davor ist es passiert 2006
Fiction The Million Dollar Bet