... ned, tassot, yossot ...

Brigitte Weich
About five years after her film, Hana, dul, sed ... (2009), filmmaker Brigitte Weich returns to North Korea to ask four women on the national football team how their lives have evolved. In a friendly and congenial cooperation between the filmmaker and her protagonists, a work arises that not only tells about the concrete life of a professional athlete in North Korea, but also poses the question of the images that we all make of ourselves to give meaning to our lives and the world. 
Technical Data
Running time: 99 min
Format: digital
Language spoken: Korean
Production year: 2023
Director(s): Brigitte Weich
Writer(s): Brigitte Weich
Cinematography: Judith Benedikt
Editing: Barbara Seidler, Monika Willi
Producer: Brigitte Weich
June 22, 2024
Graz, Diagonale (world premiere)
Amsterdam, IDFA (international premiere)
Production company
Ri Filme
Sandleitengasse 9-13/2/12
1160 Vienna
tel:+43 699 119 447 67
International Sales
Paul Thiltges Distributions
Filmland, 25 zone industrielle
8287 Kehlen
tel:+352 25 03 93