1+1=100 oder Die Schule des Lebens

1+1=100, or the School of Life

Doris Kittler
Leon just can’t handle it at elementary school anymore, and he decides to switch to a different class. In the new group he’s respected, and can explore his dreams in a playful way and learn about life. The enthusiastic teachers have developed their own educational style from a number of different methods. What everyone involved is calling for has become reality here: Children enjoy school, learn from one another, and grow into independent and creative individuals. A school class provides an example for the world.
Technical Data
Running time: 73
Language spoken: German
Subtitles: English
Production year: 2012
Director(s): Doris Kittler
Writer(s): Doris Kittler
Cinematographer(s): Doris Kittler
Producers: Doris Kittler