38 – Auch das war Wien

38 – And That Was Vienna, Too

Wolfgang Glück
Vienna, Autumn 1937. Carola Hell, an actress at the Josefstadt Theater, is in love with a Jewish writer, Martin Hofmann. Hofmann's journalist friend, Drechsler, warns them that the Austrian Nazis will soon come into power and advises them to leave the country, but Martin and Carola are not very interested in politics. While on tour in Berlin, Carola gets to know the Nazis. Despite her success in 'Emilia Galotti' she is detained by the police because she had dared to criticize the Nazis for their harassment of people. Carola obtains a film role and observes the increasing antisemitism. She intends to interpret her next role in the theatre from a political point of view. The situation becomes more critical. Schuschnigg has announced a referendum which will be held on March 13. Carola learns that she is pregnant but Martin's joy is tempered by the Germans marching into Austria. That very evening, Martin and Carola try to go by train to Prague but only Carola succeeds in getting there. Martin is stopped by the SA troops and beaten up and has to hide himself in Vienna. Some friends promise to help him but all of them are unable to do so. When Martin learns that Carola has arrived safely in Prague, he is arrested by an SS patrol. The fate of "unpolitical people" in Vienna, in March 1938.
Technical Data
Running time: 97
Format: 35 mm
Screen ratio: 1:1.66
Language spoken: German
Subtitles: English
Production year: 1986
Director(s): Wolfgang Glück
Writer(s): Wolfgang Glück, Lida Winiewicz (based on the novel by Friedrich Torberg)
Cinematography: Gerard Vandenberg
Editing: Heidi Handorf
Key cast: Tobias Engel, Sunnyi Melles, Heinz Trixner, Romuald Pekny, Ingrid Burkhard, Lukas Resetarits, Lotte Ledl
Producer: Wolfgang Glück
Producers: Michael Wolkenstein, Otto Boris Dworak
Awards (selection): 1986 Nominated for the academy award for the best foreign-language film (Oscar)
Production company
Satel Film GmbH
Linzer Straße 375
1140 Vienna
tel:+43 1 588 72 0
Almaro Film, Munich (D)