Achtung Staatsgrenze

Attention State-Frontier

Sabine Derflinger
Bernhard Pötscher
Each year, 15,000 prisoners, mostly refugees on their way to a third country or applicants for asylum, spend up to six months in Austrian jails while waiting for deportation. The selection process for deportees or those who are granted a more or less semilegal status is decided by criteria which are not always transparent: the determination of identity, the human rights situation in the home country, the willingness of the home country's authorities to repatriate the refugee, and the Austrian authority's sense of responsibility. More and more foreigners are being deported, even those facing execution. However, some cannot be deported because they lack identification papers. They live as illegals and could be arrested at any time. For most, their release from prison means a life on the streets without financial means or a transit visa, and the start of an odyssey from one European prison to another. "National Border Ahead" is a film about prisoners waiting for deportation and the many conflicts which affect their personal fates, the efforts of refugee organizations, the problems of the affected authorities, and the fears of the Austrian population.
Technical Data
Running time: 79
Format: Beta SP (FAZ 35 mm)
Screen ratio: 1:1.66
Language spoken: German/Serbo-Croatian/Arabic with German subtitles
Production year: 1996
Director(s): Sabine Derflinger, Bernhard Pötscher
Writer(s): Sabine Derflinger, Bernhard Pötscher
Cinematography: Bernhard Pötscher
Editing: Zuzana Brejcha
Producers: Michael Seeber, Heinz Stussak
Production company
Prisma Film-und Fernsehproduktion GmbH
Rathausstraße 3/18
1010 Vienna
tel:+43 1 406 37 70