An Echo from Europe - Vienna Art Orchestra on Tour

Othmar Schmiderer
This documentary road movie features the international jazz big band Vienna Art Orchestra on its tour through Europe and Canada. A search for the truth of surviving and working in today's cultural world. The musical program of Vienna Art Orchestra's 20th Anniversary Tour under the direction of Mathias Rüegg is entitled An Echo from Europe - From Django Reinhardt to Django Bates and is intended as an homage to European jazz composers. The orchestra comprising 15 individual personalities is presented in intimate portraits during practice sessions, on tour, during concerts, on stage and backstage, during jam sessions and in their everyday lives, in euphoria and melancholy, in fleeting moments. Varied are the joys and loneliness felt by the traveling musicians on the world's stages. Fifty-five concerts in two months in a group high of touring and music. Jazz and life!
Technical Data
Running time: 102
Format: Digi DV (FAZ 35mm)
Language spoken: German and other languages
Subtitles: English, German
Production year: 1998
Director(s): Othmar Schmiderer
Writer(s): Othmar Schmiderer
Cinematography: Othmar Schmiderer
Editing: Daniel Pöhacker
Producer: Othmar Schmiderer
Producers: Danny Krausz, Kurt Stocker
Production company
DOR FILM Produktion GmbH
Bergsteiggasse 36
1170 Vienna
tel:+43 1 427 10 11