Ausländer raus - Schlingensiefs Container

Foreigners Out - Schlingensief's Container

Paul Poet
Austria 2000 - a radically right wing party became European state officials. German director Christoph Schlingensief reacted with putting the nation to a test: he opened a concentration camp-like container beside Vienna's opera. In a twist on Reality madness the world cpuld play "Austrian" and vote twelve surveilled and real asylum seekers out of the country. This is the story how a political prank resulted in a eek of reckless, revealing mayhem, proving the edges of western democratic togetherness.
Technical Data
Running time: 90
Format: Digital Betacam/DVD/Beta SP
Screen ratio: 1:1.35
Sound: Mono
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2002
Director(s): Paul Poet
Writer(s): Paul Poet
Cinematography: Robert Winkler
Editing: Oliver Neumann
Key cast: Christopher Schlingensief, Claudia Kaloff, Armin Thurnher, Paulus Manker, Rainer Laux, Carl Hegemann, Luc Bondy, Gregor Gysi
Producers: Robert Winkler
Production company
Davidgasse 32/5
1100 Vienna
tel:+43 1 319 24 64