Harald Sicheritz

Suddenly there is a real prospect of peace in the Middle East?! They won’t need the blue helmets of the U.N. anymore? This new situation is unsettling for everybody – and for most of them downright unwelcome! That’s when we meet Baumschlager a likeable, good-natured Austrian UN officer who inadvertently becomes the plaything of various interests – not least romantic ones.

Technical Data
Running time: 102
Format: digital
Screen ratio: 1:2.39
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2017
Director(s): Harald Sicheritz
Writer(s): Maayan Oz
Cinematography: Thomas Kürzl
Editing: Paul Michael Sedlacek
Key cast: Thomas Stipsits, Gerti Drassl, Meyrav Feldmann, Moran Rosenblat
Producers: Danny Krausz, Kurt Stocker
Production company
DOR FILM Produktion GmbH
Bergsteiggasse 36
1170 Vienna
tel:+43 1 427 10 11
United Channels Movie (IL)