Calling Hedy Lamarr

Georg Misch
A film about the world's most beautiful woman, a Hollywood goddess and her forgotten breakthrough invention that revolutionized mobile phones. A film about a mother, an emancipated woman and a failed life. The Hedy Lamarr Story tells her tale as a fusion of modern myths, constructed legends and true stories.
Technical Data
Running time: 72
Format: HDCAM/DigiBeta
Screen ratio: 16:9
Sound: Stereo
Language spoken: English
Subtitles: German
Production year: 2004
Director(s): Georg Misch
Writer(s): Georg Misch
Cinematographer(s): Jon Sayers
Producer: Georg Misch
Producers: Ralph Wieser, Gunter Hanfgarn, Martin Rosenbaum
Production company
Mischief Films & Co KG
Goethegasse 1
1010 Vienna
tel:+43 1 585 23 24 23
Hanfgarn+Ufer Filmproduktion (D), Lone Star Productions (GB) co-produced by BBC, arte, WDR, AVRO