Dann bin ich ja ein Mörder

If that´s so, then I´m a Murderer

On March 29, 1945, some 60 Jewish slave laborers were shot in Deutsch Schützen, Austria. One of the suspected murderers is former SS junior squad leader Adolf Storms. Over six decades after the crime was committed, Walter Manoschek manages to interview him. In talks with Storms, Hitler Youth leaders who were involved, and Jews who survived the massacre, Manoschek reconstructs the crime and poses questions about forgetting, suppressing the past and responsibility.
Technical Data
Format: HD Cam
Screen ratio: 16 :9
Sound: Stereo
Language spoken: German, Hebrew, Romanian
Production year: 2012
Contact: Walter Manoschek
Lange Gasse 76/14
1080 Vienna
Writer(s): Walter Manoschek
Cinematographer(s): Rainer Komers, Stephan Mussil, Daniel Binder-Lichtenstein
Producer: Walter Manoschek