Das erste Jahrhundert des Walter Arlen

Walter Arlen’s First Century

Stephanus Domanig
Exile music is not written by those whose life is left unchallenged. Walter Arlen is now almost 100 years old – and the entire century comes to life again in his stories and in his music. Walter Arlen’s First Century paints an affectionate and multifaceted picture of a musician exiled in 1938 who only got to see his works performed late in life.
Technical Data
Running time: 91
Format: digital
Screen ratio: 1:1.85
Language spoken: English, German
Production year: 2018
Director(s): Stephanus Domanig
Writer(s): Stephanus Domanig
Cinematographer(s): Birgit Gudjonsdottir, Astrid Heubrandtner, Martin Putz, Harald Staudach
Producers: Peter Janecek, Stephanus Domanig
October 30, 2018
Vienna (Viennale)
Production company
PLAESION Film + Vision e.U.
Schlosshofer Straße 8/4/3
2301 Groß-Enzersdorf
tel:+43 660 213 69 66