Das weiße Band

The White Ribbon

Michael Haneke
A village in Protestant northern Germany. 1913-1914. On the eve of World War I. The story of the children and teenagers of a choir run by the village schoolteacher, the doctor, the midwife, the tenant farmers. Strange accidents occcur and gradually take on the character of a punishment ritual. Who is behind it all?
Technical Data
Running time: 143
Format: 35mm
Screen ratio: 1:1.85
Sound: Dolby SRD and DTS
Language spoken: German
Subtitles: English, French
Production year: 2009
Director(s): Michael Haneke
Writer(s): Michael Haneke
Cinematography: Christian Berger
Editing: Monika Willi
Key cast: Christian Friedel, Burkhardt Klaußner, Ulrich Tukur, Susanne Lothar, Josef Bierbichler, Branko Samarovski
Producers: Veit Heiduschka, Michael Katz, Stefan Arndt, Margaret Menegoz, Stefano Massenzi
Cannes (Competition)
Awards (selection): Best Foreign Language Film (Golden Globe 2010)
Palme d'Or (Cannes)
European Film, European Director, Script (European Film Awards 2009)

Production company
WEGA Filmproduktion
Hägelingasse 13
1140 Vienna
tel:+43 1 982 57 42
X Filme (D), Les Films du Losange (F), Luck Red (I)
International Sales
Les Films du Losange
22 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie
75116 Paris
tel:+33 1 444 387 24