Der letzte Jude von Drohobytsch

The last Jew from Drohobych

Paul Rosdy
The film is about Alfred Schreyer, the only surviving pre-WWII Jewish resident in this Western Ukraine town. During the Nazi occupation he survived forced labor and concentration camps. After the war Schreyer became a singer and violinist in a local Cinema Lobby Orchestra, which was ? until 1963 ? a truly unique Soviet tradition in cinema culture. Today, Alfred Schreyer is living history: his life story chronicles a century in Drohobych caught between tragedy and resilience.
Technical Data
Running time: 94
Format: HDCAM/35 mm
Screen ratio: 16:9
Sound: Dolby Stereo
Language spoken: German,Yiddish, Ukrainian, Russian
Production year: 2011
Writer(s): Paul Rosdy
Cinematographer(s): Peter Roehsler
Producers: Paul Rosdy