Der Papst ist kein Jeansboy

The Pope is not a jeansboy

Hermes Phettberg – troublemaker and TV-presenter, admitted masochist and failed catholic, who in the 90s was some media star in Austria and Germany and who counted Christof Schlingensief, Josef Hader or Harry Rowohlt among his friends, still polarizes Austrian society being the most famous recipient of social welfare. One has to love or hate the greatest Austrian total art work still alive, the greatest failure of the country as he calls himself. At any rate, he leaves nobody cold.
Technical Data
Running time: 74
Format: shot on 1080i 25p
Screen ratio: 1:1.85
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2011
Contact: Sobo Swobodnik
Zehdenickerstra├če 7
10119 Berlin – Germany
tel +49 30 473 782 50
Writer(s): Sobo Swobodnik
Cinematographer(s): Sobo Swobodnik
Producers: Sobo Swobodnik, Patrick G. Schmitt