Der Taxichauffeur

The Taxi driver

During the course of his 36 years of service as a Viennese taxi driver, Mr. Joschi has covered over 1.5 million kilometres in Vienna.. . using the same car all these years. Now he is retiring, and with him a piece of Viennese history is disappearing, irretrievably. The film accompanies him on his last journey.
Technical Data
Running time: 70
Format: Super-16mm (Blow-up 35mm)
Screen ratio: 1:1.66
Sound: Torsten Heinemann, Toni Stricker
Language spoken: German
Production year: 1995
Writer(s): Stephan Wagner
Cinematographer(s): Gero Lasnig
Key cast: Joschi Waranycia
Producer: Stephan Wagner
Producers: Stephan Wagner