Die Gottesanbeterin

The Praying Mantis

Paul Harather
Trixi Jancik leads a risky double life. At home, she is an obedient housewife. But when she puts on a disguise and goes to the racetrack to indulge in her secret passion, she catches a glimpse of a better life. Although she blows her grocery money, she has tasted the kind of luxury she can normally only dream about. A minor squabble at home brings the situation to a head and marks a turning point in her life: Trixi fixes her husband a lethal cocktail of pills.
Technical Data
Running time: 93
Format: Super-35 mm
Screen ratio: 1:2.35
Sound: Dolby SRD
Language spoken: German
Subtitles: English
Production year: 2001
Writer(s): Susanne Freund, Gerda Edelweiss Grossmann, Paul Harather
Cinematographer(s): Fabian Eder
Key cast: Christiane Hörbiger, Udo Kier, Jan Niklas, Peter Faerber, Ursula Koban, Simon Schwarz
Producer: Paul Harather
Producers: Helmut Grasser