Die Josef Trilogie (3 Filme)

The Josef Trology (3 films)

Thomas Woschitz
Girls and Cars - in a colored new world
The journey passes through remote rural areas, past gas stations and motels, bathed in faded colors by the camera and accompanied by a melancholy soundtrack. It is all reminiscent of David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks'. Here too many of the protagonists' actions are mysterious and situations lead to curious ends, which the Josefs always accept with equanimity. Like true Wild West heroes they are not overly talkative. The dialogs are sparse and precise, delivered drily and in dialect by the ideally matched actors. Thomas Woschitz sent his characters on a crazy road movie with off-the-wall humor and a surprise ending. It is a real pleasure to watch the four Josefs on their travels, which have some tricky curves and unexpected detours in store.

Tascheninhalt und Nasenbluten und Blindgänger (People's Pockets and Bleeding Noses and Duds)
In the first two parts the four Josefs merely dreamed of Canada. Woodcutters by trade, they face the narrow confines of their mountain world with wanderlust and closed mouths. Through his melancholy anti-heroes, who respond to all situations with terse comments, Thomas Woschitz has skillfully created atmospherically dense images with ironic undertones. These films feature landscape scenes, faces and everyday details in unforgettable black-and-white images in a manner resembling an experimental Heimatfilm: Themes such as jealousy, a murder committed in a community of mountain farmers and the struggle against nature are reminiscent of the genre, as are the soundtrack with its fragments of folk music and melodramatic original score.
Technical Data
Running time: 65
Format: 35 mm
Sound: Benito Amaro, Joe Knauer, Thomas Herzog
Language spoken: German/English
Subtitles: French, English
Production year: 2004
Director(s): Thomas Woschitz
Writer(s): Thomas Woschitz
Cinematography: Arthur Cooper, Arnaldo Catinari
Editing: Johannes Nakajima, Thomas Woschitz
Key cast: Arthur Klemt, Gerhard Kubelka, Martin Honsel, Alessandro Piva,
Producer: Thomas Woschitz
Producers: Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu