Die Nachtmeerfahrt

Sea Journey Into the Night

Kitty Kino
Lily, a stunning photograph model, suddenly notices that hair is growing on her face and escalating to a real 'man's beard?. She panics and than is down in the dumps. Her lover, Richard, who has just returned from a prolonged business trip cannot help her. On the contrary, she is so exasperated that she runs away into the night of the big city where she has her first experiences as a 'man'. In chats with other women, strangers and also girl friends, who do not recognize her (once she says she's her own brother), Lily learns to understand her dilemma. Self-assured, she accepts the offer of the fashion designer, Bartolomeo: As a woman with a moustache, she is a smashing sensation. The film ends optimistically: The beard with which she integrated the masculine part of her into her being disappears suddenly. Only from her dressing table mirror does her bearded likeness smile back at Lily ... Experimental and symbolic woman's film which calls for the union of masculine and feminine traits in mankind.
Technical Data
Running time: 73
Format: 16mm
Screen ratio: 1:1.33
Language spoken: German
Production year: 1986
Director(s): Kitty Kino
Writer(s): Kitty Kino
Cinematographer(s): Hanus Polak
Key cast: Anita Kolbert, Wilfried Scheutz, Beatrix Wipperich, Christine Jirku, Joesi Prokopetz, Ernst J. Lauscher, Maria Martina, Sibylle Kos, Georg Trenkwitz
Producer: Kitty Kino
Producers: Gerda Fritz
Production company
Thalia Film
Schliessmanngasse 4
1130 Vienna
tel:+43 1 877 65 66
for ORF