Die Vaterlosen

The Fatherless

Marie Kreutzer
They never expected Kyra to turn up again. The two brothers and their sister, brought together when their father dies, are stunned by the appearance of their sister Kyra who vanished over twenty years ago during the breakup of the hippie commune where they were all born. When Kyra discovers that her very existence has been kept secret, she starts to uncover old mysteries.
Technical Data
Running time: 105
Format: 35 mm
Screen ratio: 1.2.35
Sound: Dolby SRD
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2011
Director(s): Marie Kreutzer
Writer(s): Marie Kreutzer
Cinematography: Leena Koppe
Editing: Ulrike Kofler
Key cast: Andreas Kiendl, Andrea Wenzl, Emily Cox, Philipp Hochmair, Marion Mitterhammer, Sami Loris, Pia Hierzegger, Johannes Krisch
Producers: Franz Novotny, Ursula Wolschlager und Robert Buchschwenter
Berlin (Panorama Special)
and Witcraft Szenario in cooperation with KGP - Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production