D.U.D.A. – Werner Pirchner

Malte Ludin
He’s known as “Tyrol’s Zappa” and a “real anarchist.” Whether folk music, jazz or what’s known as serious music, Werner “Preisegott” Pirchner has in a creative way greatly expanded upon the limited acoustic range of his homeland, enriching it with some unfamiliar sounds from around the globe. Whoever comes into contact with him, such as Josef Hader and Tobias Moretti, can sense the power of his music, lets it carry them away, and embraces it wholeheartedly.
Technical Data
Running time: 84
Format: Digital
Screen ratio: 1:1.85
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2014
Writer(s): Malte Ludin
Cinematographer(s): Victor Kössl
Producer: Bernhard Holzhammer
Production company
Kleinvolderbergstraße 7
6111 Volders
tel:+43 5224 51865