Eine von 8

Sabine Derflinger
One out of eight women will fall ill with breast cancer at some point in her life. During a chemotherapy session, actress Frederike befriends tram driver Marijana. They share their fears, hopes, and longings. They inspire one another through their sense of humor. Meanwhile, their battle against a life-threatening cancer demands grave decisions.
Technical Data
Running time: 90
Format: DV/Digi Beta
Screen ratio: 16:9
Sound: Digital
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2008
Contact: Sabine Derflinger
A-1090 Vienna, Michelbeuerngasse 4/5
mobile: +43 664 1816 830
Director(s): Sabine Derflinger
Writer(s): Sabine Derflinger, Frederike von Stechow
Cinematography: Astrid Heubrandtner, Frederike von Stechow
Editing: Petra Zöpnek
Producers: Sabine Derflinger
International Sales
Neubaugasse 45/13
1070 Vienna
tel:+43 1 526 09 90