Gefischte Gefühle

Fished Feelings

Manfred Kaufmann
Silvia and Walter are a young couple. She is a bookseller and he is making a video film about a married couple who have separated after 25 years. Walter listens to the two versions of their story of which the mechanism of violence and patience, power and helplessness are also evident in his own relationship with Silvia, which has reached an open crisis because of a third person, Romana. Their mutual friend, Michael, is a homosexual and he also has partnership problems with his lover, Florian. He judges the relationship between Silvia and Walter in which suppressions and projections are increasing as being more serious. He is becoming more macho in his male role, she is becoming more aware of "the other", her rival... Walter's attempt to sell his video to television fails. When he and Michael want to air the film via the house antenna to the flats of a high-rise building at the prime broadcasting time, the two women trick them. Instead of the interview film, their live "double" conference is aired in which Silvia and Romana call upon their feminist comrades to show solidarity against men. "...Women's liberation and the simultaneous reduction of male supremacy, divorce problems of an aging married couple and relationship complications between homosexuals..." (Multimedia, No.13/1980, Vienna).
Technical Data
Running time: 117
Format: 35 mm
Screen ratio: 1:1.66
Language spoken: German
Production year: 1980
Director(s): Manfred Kaufmann
Writer(s): Manfred Kaufmann, Henriette Fischer
Cinematography: Tamás Ujlaki
Editing: Henriette Fischer, Manfred Kaufmann
Key cast: Silvia Sommer, Walter Eckermann, Romana Scheffknecht, Michael Hopp
Producer: Manfred Kaufmann