Wolfram Paulus
1942. A deserter is hiding in the remote rock caves near a small village. At night he sneakes out and approaches the village where his wife lives and gets some food. He also gets some grub from a farmer, although the gendarmes and the Gestapo are intensifying their search. A documentary feature film on the behavior of people during the nazi regime. The background of gloominess, silence and distrust dominates the plot until the showdown.
Technical Data
Running time: 93
Format: 16 mm (Blow-up 35 mm)
Screen ratio: 1:1.66
Language spoken: German
Subtitles: English
Production year: 1986
Director(s): Wolfram Paulus
Writer(s): Wolfram Paulus
Cinematography: Wolfgang Simon
Editing: Wolfram Paulus
Key cast: Florian Pircher, Albert Paulus, Helmut Vogel, Matthias Aichhorn
Producer: Wolfram Paulus
Producers: Monika Maruschko, Peter Voiss
Berlin (Competition)
Awards (selection): Bayrischer Filmpreis
Marwo Filmproduktion