Himmel oder Hölle

Heaven Or Hell

Wolfgang Murnberger
Early Seventies in a small village in Burgenland, Austria: we are watching a boy of being confronted with two of the most prevalent taboos: death and sexuality. The generally accepted forms of recourse offered by religion and society have cracks, don't work any more, and thus are being ignored, by-passed or interpreted from a child's angle. In addition to all the well-known play-grounds in the open air, the attic andthe basement, this boy's world is composed of his father's movie theatre andthe butcher shop andvlocal pub run by his two oncles. If a Red Indian is shot dead, he needs to count to 100 to become alive again. This is the simple rule of the game – the dream of eternal life come true. Life for a boy of ten is yet another game, but what are its rules?
Technical Data
Running time: 75 min
Language spoken: German
Production year: 1990
Director(s): Wolfgang Murnberger
Writer(s): Wolfgang Murnberger
Cinematography: Fabian Eder
Key cast: Adi Murnberger, Fabian Weidinger, Johannes Habeler, Lukas Habeler
Production company
Filmakademie Wien
Metternichgasse 12
1030 Vienna
tel:+43 1 711 552 902