My Talk With Florence

Paul Poet
Shoah meets Sálò, debating about the freedom of 1968. A minimalist interview-film, dealing with one of the most disturbing life-stories of the 20th Century. Florence fled from the sexual and psychological abuse by her post-war bourgeois home into a vagabond life of crime and freedom. She ended up in the Austrian counterculture community Friedrichshof, led by the infamous Vienna Actionism-Artist Otto Mühl, where her own children were subsequently taken away and the cycle of violence and mistreatment continued. This is the narrative of a woman who needed 50 years to learn to say No. An oral history about abuse, resistance and survival.
Technical Data
Running time: 124
Format: HD
Screen ratio: 16:9
Language spoken: German
Category Civilisation / History
Production year: 2015
Contact: Paul Poet
Gregorygasse 21-27/3/1
1230 Vienna – Austria
tel +43-69919562453
Director(s): Paul Poet
Writer(s): Paul Poet
Cinematographer(s): Johannes Holzhausen
Producers: Paul Poet
January 27, 2020
Istanbul 2015 (Film Festival)
International Sales
Adler & Associates Entertainment
8721 Santa Monica Boulevard Suite 312
West Hollywood, CA, 90069
tel:+1 310 68 43 545