Sargnagel – Der Film

Sargnagel – The Movie

Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl
The writer Stefanie Sargnagel polarizes the literary world, on Facebook and in the whole society. When her life and work are to be filmed, she pushes all systems to the brink of collapse. A documedy based on the work of the radical cult-author Stefanie Sargnagel.
Technical Data
Running time: 96
Format: digital
Screen ratio: 1:1.85
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2021
Director(s): Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl
Writer(s): Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl
Cinematography: Anna Hawliczek, Carolina Steinbrecher
Editing: Matthias Writze, Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl
Key cast: Stefanie Sargnagel, Hilde Dalik, Michael Ostrowski, Thomas Gratzer, Margarethe Tiesel
Producers: Arash T. Riahi, Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl
June 9, 2021
Graz (Diagonale)
Awards (selection): Best Actress Award to Hilde Dalik + Best Production Design (Graz/Diagonale)
Production company
Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices GmbH
Seidengasse 15/3/20
1070 Vienna
tel:+43 1 810 56 36