Paulus Manker
Joseph Dirt works for a security corps. He is very conscientous about his job. He and his colleague have to guard an abandoned paper factory. While Dirt almost knocks himself doing his job, his colleague slacks down because he is bored. When the security corps is fired because the factory is going to be demolished, Dirt refus to leave. His feeling of duty increases and he kills a little girl who plays on the factory ground. He attacks the workers who want to tear the factory down. Finally, the cops come but Dirt is one step ahead of them. He commits sucide before an altar. He thinks he's a martyr.
Technical Data
Production year: 1985
Director(s): Paulus Manker
Writer(s): Paulus Manker
Cinematography: Walter Kindler
Editing: Maria Homolka
Key cast: Fritz Schediwy, Siggi Schwientek, Rolf Hoppe
Producer: Kurt Mrkwicka
June 25, 2024
1989 Cannes (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs)
Awards (selection): 1985 Flanders (Best Director)
Production company
Auhofstraße 70
1130 Vienna
tel:+43 1 876 87 15