Tiger - Frühling in Wien

Tiger - Spring in Vienna

Peter Patzak
Martin Powolny, a down and out actor, calls himself Tiger. He lives in a treehouse and practices his characteristic yell. An offer to make a film and an air-travel ticket entice him into the big city of Vienna. The director hopes he can finance the film if Tiger plays the leading role. There is no screen story as yet. Running away from a mean nightclub owner, Tiger is hit by an automobile and lands in a hospital. There, Marbo appears - he has been following Tiger from the airport. Marbo is a former dick who was forced to leave the USA because of unamerican activities. He wants Tiger to get him a passport. At last Tiger realizes that he is daily experiencing the film he's supposed to act in. By mistake, Tiger gets hold of a lot of dough. An organization is interested in the unmade film and takes Tiger for a video dealer. The director's father, a former film projectionist, is the only one able to quiet things down on the set. Tiger's video enemies kill each other in the action scenes of the film. Tiger is fed up and wants to return to the jungle with Marbo and make the film himself. Gitti, the dame of the hotel, helps Tiger get away from the cops. At the airport, the director is welcoming his new star, Lemmy Caution. A grotesque comedy about the film industry and its myths.
Technical Data
Running time: 97
Format: 35mm
Screen ratio: 1:1.66
Language spoken: German
Production year: 1984
Director(s): Peter Patzak
Writer(s): Helmut Zenker, Peter Patzak
Cinematography: Jirí Stíbr
Editing: Traude Gruber
Key cast: Art Metrano, William Berger, Eddie Constantine, Lukas Resetarits, Heinz Moog, Veronika Faber, Til Prückner, Kurt Weinzierl, Harald Serafin
Producers: Michael Wolkenstein
Production company
Satel Film GmbH
Linzer Straße 375
1140 Vienna
tel:+43 1 588 72 0