Susanne Freund
The inside of a Viennese section of the Austrian Socialist Party (SPÖ). The number of members has gone down, but otherwise everything is still the same. The group of indefatigable comrades and their new district representative, Brigitte Ederer, are accompanied in their groundwork, at the weekly section meetings, in their work in the district parliamentary party, at outdoor festivals, pensioners' parties and children's discos, collecting contributions door to door, during arduous confrontation with the inhabitants of the locality, and, not least, at the district elections. The election result of 9th October 1994 was a disaster for the party.
Technical Data
Running time: 78
Format: Super-16mm (blowup 35mm)
Screen ratio: 1:1.66
Sound: Helmut Junker
Language spoken: German
Subtitles: English
Production year: 1994
Director(s): Susanne Freund
Writer(s): Susanne Freund
Cinematographer(s): Jerzy Palacz
Producer: Susanne Freund
Producers: Helmut Grasser