Who's afraid of Kathy Acker?

Barbara Caspar
Kathy Acker, the outrageous punk icon banned in Germany but named in 2005 one of America’s original “outlaw writers” by the New York Times, lived life her life without boundaries. Acker challenged society’s ideal of femininity, daring to be tough & vulnerable at the same time. She left behind a legacy of sixteen novels that cannot be ignored, but she learned the heart way that breaking the rules never comes cheap.
Technical Data
Running time: 79
Format: Digi Beta
Screen ratio: 16:9
Sound: Stereo
Language spoken: English
Production year: 2007
Director(s): Barbara Caspar
Writer(s): Barbara Caspar, Andrew Standen-Raz
Cinematography: Marco Zimprich
Editing: Karina Ressler, Claudia Nussbaumer
Producers: Markus Fischer, Annette Pisacane
Production company
Fischer Film (Vienna)
Neustiftgasse 32-34
1070 Vienna
tel:+43 1 524 74 25
Cameo Film (D)