24 Stunden

24 Hours

Harald Friedl
The 50-year-old Romanian Sadina Lungu works as a 24-hour carer in Austria. Her work takes her away from her family in Romania for up to five months at a time. How does she manage the pressures of balancing her family life in Romania with her professional life abroad? Alongside Sadina's personal, emotional story, the film is also of great socio-political relevance. Sadina’s story does not stand alone: she is one of an estimated 40,000 Romanian women who provide care services in Austria. A cinematic homage to the profession of caring.
Technical Data
Running time: 100 min
Language spoken: german, romanian, english
Production year: 2024
Director(s): Harald Friedl
Cinematography: Helmut Wimmer
Editing: Philipp Mayer
Producer: Ralph Wieser
Production company
Mischief Films & Co KG
Goethegasse 1
1010 Vienna
tel:+43 1 585 23 24 25