Rickerl – Musik is höchstens a Hobby

Adrian Goiginger
Rickerl is a stumbling pub musician who struggles to make ends meet. He hopes to succeed with his personal emotional songs but keeps getting in his own way. At the same time, he tries to be a loving father to his son who lives with his ex.
Technical Data
Running time: 104 min
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Language spoken: German
Subtitles: English
Production year: 2023
Director(s): Adrian Goiginger
Writer(s): Adrian Goiginger
Cinematography: Paul Sprinz
Editing: Martin Pfeil
Key cast: Voodoo Jürgens, Ben Winkler, Agnes Hausmann, Rudi Larsen, Nicole Beutler, Claudius von Stolzmann
Producers: Peter Wildling, Martin Pfeil, David Stöllinger, Adrian Goiginger, Gerrit Klein
Production company
2010 Entertainment GmbH
Rupertgasse 21
5020 Salzburg
tel:+43 699 17 17 27 96
Giganten Film (D)
International Sales
Lerchenfelderstr. 88-90/22a
1080 Vienna
tel:+43 670 559 03 24