Wohin und zurück Teil 2: Santa Fé

Axel Corti
The boat filled with emigrants from Marseille lands in New York. Freddy Wolff, one of Ferry's friends, tries to make it in America. He meets Treumann, an emigrant writer. He gives Freddy a job in his delicatessen. Freddy joins the the US arma and is sent to the European theatre of war to work in the information corps.
Technical Data
Running time: 124
Format: 16 mm
Language spoken: German
Production year: 1985
Director(s): Axel Corti
Writer(s): Axel Corti, Georg Stefan Troller
Cinematographer(s): Gernot Roll
Key cast: Gabriel Barylli, Doris Buchrucker, Peter Lühr, Gideon Singer, Monica Bleibtreu, Johannes Silberschneider, Tilli Breidenbach
Producer: Gerda Fritz
with Thalia Film